Other West Wicklow granite quarries

- Ballynastockan, Lockstown/Granabeg, Blackrock, Kilbride & Oldcourt granite quarries



The rash of new quarry openings in Ballyknockan in the 1860s spilled over into Ballynastockan:-

  • In 1863 Bryan Cullen opened a small quarry here, but it had closed by 1878.
  • In 1864 Robert Osborne opened a small quarry here and this operation continued until 1878.  His son, William Osborne, then opened a granite quarry at Ballyknockan before he acquired TM Reilly's quarry in 1880.

Peter O'Reilly, a grandson of TM Reilly, operated a quarry in Ballynastockan in the 1920s or 1930s, probably a reopening of one or other of the earllier quarries.


Lockstown and Granabeg

In the 1950s there were two granite quarries side by side at Lockstown, operated by Hugh O'Neill, a Dublin builder, and Patrick O'Reilly of Ballyknockan, a grandson of TM Reilly. 


Local lore suggests there were quarries in these townlands before 1800.  This is certainly possible as they are on a road which was in existence by 1770, but I have found no documentary evidence or visible trace of the pre-1800 quarries. 


Blackrock granite quarry
Blackrock quarry was located just across the Woodend Brook from Woodend Quarry, at National Grid Reference O 012 143


Only surface stone was extracted from Blackrock quarry, which produced stack stones and other agricultural products on an intermittent basis from the 1700s up to the 1870s, but did not supply building stone.

Blackrock townland was rented to Solomon Hobert and Partners for 21 years in 1773.  Other parties to the lease were James Carney, Garret Phibbs, Luke Smith, James Moran and Luke Connor.

A note on the 1806 Downshire estate-map of Blackrock indicates that Blackrock townland was then "in possession of Thomas Hanlon, Charles Doyle and James Duffy”, and these three surnames appear in later decades at Ballyknockan.

An 1809 report on the Downshire Estate says of Blackrock:- "The present Holders are Charles Dalla, Stonecutter, and one Thomas Hanlon, a Farmer’"  (Dalla lived circa 1752 to 1820, according to St Mary’s parish records)


Kilbride quarry

There is a long- abandoned granite quarry just east of Kilbride village on the Sally Gap road.  This is a very early quarry, now grown over and almost unrecognisable. 



Oldcourt quarry
This small quarry lay to the north of Woodend Hill, at National Grid Reference O 024 149.  It was at the crossroads which then existed at Oldcourt.  It is depicted only on the 1806 Blessington Estate map of Oldcourt. 


Nearby, there were many small, local quarries similar to the one at Oldcourt.